King Shielding

Protecting your frontline employees and customers 

King Shielding offers the highest quality, most durable Coronavirus shield for your business, available for delivery within 200 miles of Austin, TX.

About Our Shields

Our plexiglass sneeze guard countertop barriers

  • Sturdy steel design that is welded to provide unparalleled strength and longevity
  • Easy to Clean and Disinfect
  • Temporary or Permanent Installation
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Our high quality 99.99% transparent acrylic plexiglass has no bends, and no holes. It is shipped with protective covering in place from the factory.
  • Our steel frame can be powder coated any color. This allows every shield to match an existing aesthetic or logo color match.
  • Competitors with bent plexiglass design weaken the plexiglass by heating and stressing the material at each bend.
  • Competitors with screw mounts to attach to existing structures break with very little pressure.

One of our happy customers with their custom-colored King Shield!

How it works:

You place your order for our handmade King Shields. We offer bulk discounts on orders more than 10! Then we get to work. Orders will be delivered anywhere within 200 miles of Austin, TX (delivery rates apply). That means that you get your shields quickly (safely delivered to your door) and are able to protect more customers and your employees from Coronavirus exposure and other pathogens, viruses, germs and diseases.

What sets us apart:

OUR BASE – King Shielding offers sneeze barriers with bases that allow for portability and longevity of the product. Our sneeze shields do not have to be drilled or bolted to anything. They stand independently for ease of use. We incorporated the base into our King Shields so that you don’t have to bend it or pierce holes in it.

Plexiglass shields are in high-demand right now and many companies are selling plexiglass barriers that have been bent or altered with heat to stand up on their own. This causes a huge problem! When plexiglass is heated to bend or change shape, it loses its durability, easily yielding to stress, causing cracks in the barrier. The highest protection possible through plexiglass social distancing barriers is then compromised due to cracks and holes in the plexiglass – rendering it an ineffective product for what it was designed to do.

Our countertop sneeze shields are never treated with heat to alter the plexiglass. The plexiglass we use for King Shields is at its strongest element. We don’t create a deficiency in the plexiglass by altering it in any way. If the plexiglass has been altered to bend or stand by itself, over time, that plexiglass will break and you will have to replace your shield quickly to continue protecting your customers and employees.

OUR PLEXIGLASS – we use the highest quality plexiglass to create the highest-protection countertop barrier on the market. Our plexiglass is lightweight, easily cleaned and scratch resistant.